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Ambyth estate vineyard & winery

Phillip Hart

AmByth Estate is the first certified Biodynamic farm and winery in San Luis Obispo County.  The founder and original winegrower was Phillip Hart who grew up on a mountain sheep farm in North Wales.  Phillip traveled the world exploring the landscape, food and wines of Europe, Australia, and South Africa before settling in Southern California.    He developed a passion for wine and ancient winemaking techniques during his travels.  His dream was to be close to the land and craft something of value.  This dream became a reality when he purchased 42 acres of land in the Templeton area in 2001 and 2002.  He planted 17 acres with eleven grape varieties.  His study of the ancient winemaking technique of fermentation, aging and storage of the wine in Amphora have resulted in the creation of natural, pure wines with no human intervention and no chemicals.  

The name AmByth is Welsh for "forever" which speaks to their family philosophy and vision of the land.  Philip's son, Gelert Hart, helped his father plant the vineyard in 2002 but Gelert didn't join his father until 2013.  He and his wife, Robyn, moved to AmByth Estate and in 2015 they took on the full time responsibilities of winemaking and viticulture.   Winemaking has become Gelert's passion.  "The grapes express themselves into wine without the aid of additives, adjustments or enhancements.  The wines are made with Native Yeasts, they are foot stomped, they are aged and bottled without any added sulfites.  Some are aged in barrel or Vitrified Clay Eggs, others are beautifully aged in Terra Cota Amphoras.  They are Pure.  They are Alive. They are Fresh." 

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Thank you Gelert and Robyn for becoming a Winery Partner

with the Paso Robles Area Historical Society and Museum.  

Gelert Hart_amphora

Gelert Hart

Robyn Hart

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