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Brian and Stephanie Terrizzi are founding members of Giornata Winery,

a small boutique winery focusing on high quality handcrafted Italian

varietals, located in Tin City.  Giornata, an art term originating from an

Italian word that means “a day’s work,” sums up the Terrizzi's journey,

which has been to create wines from Italian grapes grown in California -

"Inspired by Italy/Crafted in California."

Coming from an Italian family, Brian has always had a passion for Italian

food and culture. Brian first worked in the financial world but after being offered a job to work harvest for the respected Rosenblum Cellars, he quickly realized that he wanted to be a winemaker, making wine from Italian grape varieties in the Italian style.  He traveled to Italy to study the language, wine, cuisine, and his roots.  It was at Fresno State, where he studied enology, that he met his future partner, Stephanie.  Her enthusiasm was as powerful as his!  

Stephanie's interest in wine began while being employed at an Illinois wine bar.  Moving to Sonoma County, she was inspired  by some of Sonoma's best wine professionals while building wine programs for several restaurants.  Stephanie received a Certificate in Viticulture from the Santa Rosa Junior College while performing vineyard duties in Napa and Sonoma.  She earned a degree in Enology, Chemistry and Plant Science at Fresno State while also experimenting with Cabernet Sauvignon in her own backyard!  She is co-founder of three business enterprises with her husband: Broadside Winery, Giornata Wines, and Etto Pastificio, the Italian Market and pasta company.

Some claimed that it was impossible to succeed using Italian grape varietals in Paso Robles.  Together this team has proven otherwise.  Determination, hard work, and traveling to Italy on a regular basis helped the couple with their winemaking dream - to produce wine with an "Italian sensibility."  Brian has been recognized internationally for his Nebbiolo.  Brian was also one of the first winemakers in the area to import amphorae from Italy to ferment grapes in the Italian style.  The Fatto a Mano Wines, aged in the clay amphorae, are of an ancient winemaking technique.  Guests to Giornata will enjoy these natural, biodynamic and unique wines.  Thank you, Brian and Stephanie!

Information Source: Wine History Project of San Luis Obispo County

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