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winery partner:
daou family estates

DAOU Family Estates is a family-owned winery located in the Adelaida District AVA, renowned for its world-class Cabernet Sauvignons and Bordeaux-style wines.  Founded by brothers Georges and Daniel Daou, DAOU has long demonstrated a passion for local history, culture and architectural heritage.

Georges and Daniel grew up in Beirut, Lebanon.  As young boys, both brothers were gravely injured when their home was struck by a rocket at the start of the Lebanese Civil War.  The family emigrated to France and the brothers later came to California to study engineering at UC San Diego.

Georges and Daniel later established Daou Systems, Inc., a successful healthcare information technology company.  After selling Daou Systems, the brothers embarked on their mutual dream to create a family winery.  In 2007 - after years of searching for the perfect terroir - they acquired what would become known as DAOU Mountain in the Adelaida District.  They planted a vineyard on the slopes of the mountain and started DAOU Family Estates.

Winemaker Daniel Daou's globally acclaimed Cabernets proved to be a game changer for the region.  Determined to elevate Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon on the world stage, the brothers also helped establish the Paso Robles CAB Collective, a consortium of local wineries dedicated to Cabernet and other Bordeaux varieties.

DAOU is also known for its expansive tasting room and guest experience overlooking the coastal mountains of Paso Robles.  With Georges as the visionary and ringmaster behind the DAOU lifestyle, the winery has become an essential destination for food and wine lovers.

Ever since coming to Paso Robles, Georges and Daniel have had a heart for local history.  For example, the terroir of DAOU Mountain was first discovered by pioneering Paso Robles vintner Dr. Stanley Hoffman and  Georges and Daniel went out of their way to preserve Dr. Hoffman's original winery building out of respect for his achievements.

The brothers' passion for preservation now continues at the historic

Bank of Italy building in downtown Paso Robles.  Georges and Daniel

acquired the building in 2020.  Renovation is underway with plans to

include offices as well as food and wine experiences while maintaining

the building's distinctive facade and existing architectural style.

"We believe in Paso Robles," Daniel says.  "We know that these unique

sites speak to the significance of this region and we want to preserve them

for future generations."  Adds Georges, "This is an exciting opportunity to

revive a vibrant part of Paso Robles' historical downtown.  We feel humbled

to contribute to this community that we love so much."

Dr. Hoffman & Daniel in the Hoffman Mountain Winery

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